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 Contact Information



 Elaine Gall, PE, CBO, CFO
 University Building Official
 434.982.4602 (o)
 434.249.7479 (c)
 Oversees Department 

Robert A. Waite Jr., AIA, CBO
 Review Unit Managing Architect

 434.982.5909 (o)
 540.246.1810 (c)


 Oversees Review Unit
 Questions about Project
 Review Schedule and 
 Building Permit Status

 ​Ronald Herfurth, PE, CBO
 Senior Mechanical Engineer

 434.982.5417 (o)
 434.409.0433 (c)


 Mechanical and Plumbing
 Reviews and Inspections


 Scott T. Clough, PE, LEED AP
 Senior Electrical Engineer

 434.243.2478 (o)


 Electrical and Fire Alarm
 Reviews and Inspections

 ​Benjamin Hays, PE, SE,LEED AP, CBO
 Senior Structural/Civil Engineer
 434.982.5919 (o)
 434.249.0507 (c)

 Structural and Civil
 Reviews and Inspections

Katherine Grove, AIA, LEED AP
 Senior Architect

 434.243.4817 (o)
 434.962.1604 (c)

 Architectural Reviews
 Egress and ADA
 Inspections and Stage Permits



David Cooper, CBO
 Fire Protection Engineer
 434.243.1431 (o)
 434.962.4265 (c)
 Fire/Life Safety and Fire
 Suppression Reviews and


 Richard McDaniel, CBO, CFO
 Fire and Life Safety Consultant

 434.243.5327 (o)
 434.981.5037 (c)

 Inspections - Fire assemblies,
 above ceiling, TCUO, CUO,
 any other inspection.

 Nathaniel Lawson,
 Civil Engineering Associate

 434-906-0431 (o)





Review Phases and Common Terms
Stage Permits
Small Project Policy
Facility Design Guidelines 11th Edition with 2016 Amendments
Utilizing Partial Permits
Posting of Building Permits
Life Safety System Reviews
YO Policy

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